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Robert Riggs was born on September, 12th 2000 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

He attends Oklahoma public school, where his favorite class is Speech & Drama.  His college plans include a possible Engineering Degree.  

(Results May Vary he says…)


From a very young age, Robert had a desire to work in the movies.  Like most kids he had his Super Hero phase and was particularly into Spiderman, dressing up as the hero as often as he could and fighting with his imagination on a near hourly basis.


Now at 15 years of age, between movie assignments, he enjoys many different things typical of teenagers today, such as video games and texting with his friends.  


Robert's dynamic personality and energetic spirit mean he doesn’t often find a person with whom he doesn’t get along, or who doesn’t immediately like him.  His infectious smile and outgoing manner, are a delight to all who know him.


DTS Entertainment's film comedian, Derek Taylor Shayne said, "The first time I laid eyes on Robert, I knew he had what it took.  Looks, personality and he could act!  I said then and there, we gotta have this guy!"


DTS Entertainment is very proud to have Robert in our family and we're currently planning some exciting projects specifically designed to showcase his talents, following his debut in IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE BEYOND, premiering this September 27th.  


We know you'll come to love him as we do!


Robert’s hobbies include: Gaming, Music and playing guitar.

Favorite Movies are: Polar Express, The Breakfast Club and The Iron Giant.

Favorite TV Shows: Breaking Bad & The Office.

Favorite Music: 90s and Early 2000s Rock & Roll.

Robert Riggs

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Dennis Watz

Son of comedy film historian and author Ed Watz.

Dennis1 Dennis2

Shaynee Barnett


Shayne Michelle Barnett (Shaynee), is a 10 year old girl living in Oklahoma.  She is obsessed with cats and acting.  Her absolute favorite past time is reading.


She got involved with DTS Entertainment through her Uncle Bob Barnett and has enjoyed every second of it.


Shaynee's first acting job was on the Science Fiction film, It Came From Beneath The Beyond where she portrayed a dula role of both brother and sister of an eccentric inventor in a small 1950s rural subburb.


She has just completed filming on an upcoming film called The Long Big Goodbye, a 1940s Detective film starring Derek Taylor Shayne.


We really expect you will be seeing more and more of Shaynee in upcoming films from DTS Entertainment.  She is currently looking for opportunities in the area where she lives to expand her talent and skills.

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