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Chebon Dacon

Chebon is of Creek decent who was born in Oklahoma City in 1946. He's completely self taught as an artist. Like most fine art from Native Americans, you can see the soul in his excellent works of art. Chebon traveled around the country in the rodeo circuit bareback riding and showing his amazing works of art. He has obtained high awards and recognition for his ceremonial dancing as well as his amazing art work. The US Department Of Commerce invited him to act as a goodwill ambassador to Australia. Known as an artist worldwide, his work has been shown in many European counties and is highly collected in the United States. Although his work tends to have a contemporary style, we know you will agree that the soul of his art work comes through loud and clear.

Chebon's Artwork is a pleasure to experience.  He takes you into a world of the past and into a world of humanity and love.  You can feel yourself in his work truly experiencing it as you view it.  It is our great pleasure being able to call Chebon a member of the DTS Entertainment Family and a true friend.  Please visit his website above and browse his beautiful work.  I'm betting you will find the perfect addition for your home or office walls.

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